Maria Blaisse The Visionary

The Dazed August issue went back to the 80s for otherworldly fashion that looked towards the quiet legends that have been making an impact on fashion for decades without people realising it. Dutch designer Maria Blaisse is one of those legends. She began in the early 80s' by creating spherical foam forms that moulded and folded in ways that were revolutionary at the time and she worked primarily in dance wear where she is still breaking new ground today. Blaisse then went on to collaborate with Issey Miyake for whom she made mitre-like rubber hats. For the August issue, Karen Langley was inspired by Blaisse's work and re-interpreted her sculptural feats with the help of set designer Gary Card and photographer Jason Kibbler. We speak to Blaisse to see what she makes of the reinterpretation and how her work still permeates fashion today.

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